Email to update Custom Field

Hello- We use many templates which differ based on client. I currently use a main project/workflow to capture emails coming into ASANA as tasks. We then use Flowsana and the description in the email/task and create a new project from aTemplate. For example, an email “Client X New Hire” would create a project called Client X New Hire using the Template: Client X New Hire . We have so many templates, I would like to reassign the new project suing a custom field in the main project. This way we only need to modify new client assignments in the main project, not in every template. Does anybody have any ideas?

@Phil_Seeman Might be able to help here :smiley:

Hi Mary,

Can you say more about what you mean by this?

The original email comes into ASANA project “New Hires to Reassign” as a task. It isn’t assigned to anyone at that time. Flowsana uses the email description to create a new project from a Template “PAX New Hires” based on description in the email. The new project created from the Template is called “PAX New Hire Joe Smith”. We can set the template to automatically assign based on their account manager, but modifying this as employees come and go is quite tedious. Trying to find a creative way to assign someone base on Client (which is one of our custom fields). Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.