Creating an email from a form response

Hi all - my team has been using the form feature to receive employment submissions and we’d love to find a way to send a personalized email out when we receive them.

The obvious workaround is Google forms → Zapier → Asana task, but I’m wondering if anyone knows anything else we could do. Or if there’s a way to customize the webpage’s display when the user submits the form.

Thank you!

Hi @KristinTHorowitz and welcome to the forum!

If you have an Asana Business or Enterprise subscription, you can customize the email that gets sent to the submitter in the Settings section of the form creation page:

If you’re not at those subscription levels, you can do it via the Forms Support element in our Flowsana integration, which includes these settings:


Fantastic! I thought it was locked! Thank you so much.

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@Phil_Seeman, Doesn’t that just change the text on the form submission confirmation page, not in the email field in the form (if even supplied)?




Ah, thanks for catching that, you are correct, @lpb. I’m not sure what had me thinking it was for the email confirmation.

@KristinTHorowitz sorry for the incorrect response.

So it does seem our Flowsana integration is the only way to have a customized form submission response email.

Note if you’re going to do that, you’ll want to delete the standard “Email address” field and then you’ll create a new field to hold the submitter’s email address, because if you don’t delete the standard address field, the form submitter will end up getting two email confirmations, the default Asana one and the custom Flowsana one.


Thank you so much. I’m gonna have to figure out Flowsana now. I use Asana and Zapier . . .