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Hello everyone,

After a user filling a form created under a specific project in ASANA
Is there a way to get an email (to the collaborators or a specific collaborator, or a specific email address) with a copy of the answers filled?

Thanks from above


Hello @Cheni,

currently, you can set up an assignee who will be notified: Forms • Asana

You can also work with rules to add more collaborators to the task when a form submission is received. And then via rules you can also send comments so they are notified.

In case you want to customize the form submission message you could do so with the help of

In case you want to trigger an email to be sent to random people then you would have to set up something in Zapier for example.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi Andrea!

Thanks for your answer.

The assignee options is enabled only if we have a business account, right?

I want to have the task created in asana as well as the Email with the comments sent to us.
(From your answer it sounds that Zapier can provide it?)

Flowsana is not free, so I wonder if the reminded option exists as a built in feature in the forms of ASANA?

Thank you for your help!

Hey @Cheni,

the Asana feature is that the assignee will be notified or if you set up the rules and add other collaborators.

Here are the notifications you can set up in Asana either via email Email notifications | Product guide • Asana or using the Asana inbox: How to manage Inbox notifications in Asana | Guide • Asana

If you only want to notify the assignee then that can be done within Asana directly. If you want to custom format the email that is not possible.
If you want to inform other people as well that are not in Asana then you will need to work with a tool like Zapier: Connect your Asana to Gmail integration in 2 minutes | Zapier

Like this trigger for example:


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