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Is there any way we can automate e-mails? For instance, we approve a job application and when we move it to the section “approved” it triggers an email to the applicant. This is just an example.

I recently integrated Flowsana into Asana. Can anyone tell me how I can use it to automate e-mails?

Thank you

Hi @Uraiba_Khatri,

What Asana subscription level are you on - Premium, Business, Enterprise? I ask because the answer to your question:

I recently integrated Flowsana into Asana. Can anyone tell me how I can use it to automate e-mails?

will vary depending on your subscription level.

Also: do you have the job applicant’s email address stored in a custom field in the relevant task?

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Thank you for replying to the query Phil!

I am using Asana as an Organization member on my company’s business account.

Yes, we have their e-mail address stored in the relevant task.

Hi @Uraiba_Khatri,

Great - a Business subscription means you can create custom rules in Asana, which means you can build an Asana rule with the Flowsana action.

Create a custom rule. Set your trigger as “Task moved to section [Approved]”. Scroll down to the bottom of the Actions list and select “Send an email notification” in the “Flowsana” area:

For the fields in the action, set “Send the notification to” to “an email address in a custom field”, then select the name of the custom field containing the applicant’s email address (in my example it’s called “Assign To”):

For the Subject and Body fields, enter whatever text you’d like to go there! Note that for both the email Subject and Body, you can include lots of different values from the task itself using Flowsana’s Variable Substitution feature, which you can learn about here.


Thank you so much for such a detailed explanation. It doesn’t seem like a difficult task anymore :slight_smile:


I hope someone can help. I am trying to use an existing custom field to nominate the external email address (a text field) to which an automated email needs to be sent, however the dropdown is only identifying one of my custom fields which isn’t even an email address (it is a status field). Any ideas?

Hi @Llawela_Forrest,

Are you referring to the Flowsana “Send an email” rule action mentioned above? If so, see this Help article for your situation.

Thanks Phil. That has helped.
Is there any way of changing the Sender info for these emails? It comes as sent from Asana - it would great to have these customised to your business name.

Not currently; but you can vote for that feature here: