Is there an integration that will let me automatically send an email when a task is moved to a project?

Hi, hopefully this is the right place to ask this. We’re using Asana for our job applicants board and currently people fill out a webform to apply, with mandatory details such as their email address.

We also have an archive board where I moved candidates who are not suitable for the position to.

What I’d really like is some kind of automation that can pull the applicant’s email from the relevant field, and automatically send them an email from a designated email address that says they’ve been unsuccessful etc upon the action of me moving their application to the archive board.

I had a look at Zapier, but unless I’m reading it wrongly it doesn’t seem to have enough functionality?

Thanks for any help.

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Hey @Matt_Isaac,

you can set up Asana rules to trigger sending of an email when tasks are added to a project, however at the moment this cannot fetch an email from a field to send specifically to that.

As far as I know however Flowsana offers this feature that emails can be sent to the value set in a specific custom field.

Looping in @Phil_Seeman


Oh fantastic, thanks Andrea. I’ll take a look at Flowsana

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Found this instruction

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Ah thankyou! looking at it now

Thanks for the recommendation on this. I’m running up against a couple of issues. The first is that

the custom field dropdown for me is empty despite having custom fields for email address. I tested out a random other asana board and it was only pulling one custom field from that which was a multiple select field (instead of text field for email) and ignoring about 6 others.

Hi @Matt_Isaac , I’m fairly certain that those 6 custom fields you mentioned should be added to your library for them to show up in Flowsana.

@Phil_Seeman (creator of can confirm that.

But eitherway, try to resync your account with Flowsana to pull them again from your project; you can do this by selecting the pink link below the workflow you are building ‘Refresh project custom fields from Asana’.

If that doesn’t work, then try adding one custom field to your library to test it.


Thanks I’ll give this a try

Refresh worked, thanks!

Thankyou everyone for your help. I have this working now!

Just as a final couple of questions. I’m guessing the email will always come from asana/flowsana ( I guess I could email to this to another email and then that could forward it on somehow?)

Lastly, is the email body just purely text? It would be nice to add a signature/image to the email.

Hi @Matt_Isaac,

Glad to hear you got it working; and thanks for the assistance, @Richard_Sather!

Currently, yes. We have a Feedback portal for Flowsana requests and this one is on there; you can upvote it here.

Again, yes, currently. I couldn’t find a feedback item for this request but you can add one! (I know our Flowsana users have in the past asked for the ability to have fancier (HTML) emails.)

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Fantastic thankyou. I will add one!

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