Email tasks into a project using the field to dictate where it appears

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We want to be able to email tasks directly from gmail into a particular project. The project view is set up so that field data drives where it appears in list view. For example, all of the tasks with a field called Live, are listed in a section called Live. Hopefully that makes sense! I can see how I email the task into the project, but I cant figure out how to ensure the field data is tagged somehow so that it automatically appears in the right place. I would also love to be able to set the due date at the point of sending the email, rather than doing it within asana. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Sam

Hello @Samantha_Munns,
In this case you can use rules inside project - setting due dates or other fields.

You can also try to use third party tool like Zapier

I hope it helps.

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Hi @Samantha_Munns!

FYI you can use the Hashtag Automation feature of my Flowsana integration to set a due date when emailing a task into Asana.

You can also use it to set an assignee, tags, and additional projects. It doesn’t currently support setting a section/column, although that’s not a bad idea; I will consider adding that!

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Turns out it’s very easy to add this to Flowsana’s Hashtag Automation, so it’ll be rolled out this coming weekend - after that, you can use a hashtag to designate that an incoming email should go into a certain section/column.

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Perfect, thanks!

Brilliant, thanks so much.


FYI, as mentioned above, you can now use Flowsana’s Hashtag Automation feature to email tasks into Asana and have them placed into a certain section. Just include # and the section name in the email body; for example, putting

#New leads

will cause the new task to be saved into the “New Leads” section/column.