Write in Asana all the injections

So many times, it happens to me that emails or “human requests” comes into my office while working on something. I call them “Injections”.
And of course, this new request has not to be missed or forget!
My solution to this “daily routine” is to create a task in Asana for the new request and then manage the priority when I finish the current task.
If it is an email I just copy the body text and give the title equals to the email subject.

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You can actually go much faster by forwarding the email to the email address of the Asana project you are targeting (or x@mail.asana.com to get the task in My Tasks)


Trick unknown… :scream:


Or just install the Gmail Add-On [https://gsuite.google.com/marketplace/app/asana_for_gmail/923474483785]

The same extension also exists for outlook - if necessary :wink:

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Or if you work in a Microsoft Outlook enviroment use our powerful Add-in www.sendana.net. Between our application and the G-mail application, the old method of sending to x@mail.asana.com is very very limited and time consuming.

Thumb up for the Gmail add-on. Enables input of more detail like exact assignee and a due date, and also allows adding to any project via Search (whereas the email direct method requires that you set up an email address per project and have a way to retrieve it when you’re composing email).

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Sendana, www.sendana.net does all of the features and more for Outlook desktop users.