How to automatically forward emails + assign them to a specific person?

Looking to take some emails form Amazon and automatically forward them to Asana and assign to a specific project/person automatically, is this possible?

Maybe with a combination of Zapier and the emailing task feature of Asana?

@Ryan_Scheck, Sara from Asana here. Asana email-to-Task functionality allows you to send the Task to your My Tasks with, which will automatically assign it to you, or to a specific Project, using More here.

Does that help answer your question? I’m super interested in what emails you’re sending and how that fits into your workflow!


Hey Sara!

Thanks so much for getting back to me, we have a paid account through work that we probably have a support person we can bother, but I hadn’t thought of it.

So If I wanted to send the emailed tasks to a specific project named ‘Amazon’ I would just forward to Or is the project ID numerical?

@Ryan_Scheck I am the owner of Sendana, the Microsoft Outlook Add-in that does all of this and more. This is found at Here is a quick snapshot.

. And if you are not an Outlook User we are diligently working on the version for G-mail. Maybe one can help you now or in the future. Thanks

GMail UI

Hi Ryan, the project ID is numerical. You can find it in the URL e.g.

You can also find the mail address for a project here

If you include someone’s email in the ‘To’ field of you email it will assign the task to them (as long as they’re in Asana).

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Ryan_Scheck, @ceturley pointed in the right direction – the unique Project ID is a string of numbers you can abstract from the URL.

Happy you asked the question here so other people could chime in! I’m interested in what types of Tasks you’re interested in tracking via email-to-Task functionality, too :slight_smile:

Heya, what @Sara suggested is what I use - I have a filter to automatically forward through gmail the copy of the email to a specific project (using the ‘add tasks by email’ email mentioned). I do this for a number of items.

I think you can auto-forward with the filter in gmail without confirming the forwarding email (which you couldn’t really do with the Asana email) so hopefully I’m right. Otherwise…

I use Zapier too, but only when I want to automatically assign someone or collaborators. It’s very easy, but if you can do it without Zapier that’s best!

Right now it’s to have emails from Amazon regarding X task that needs to be completed (business pricing, respond to customer question on listings etc) automatically sent into the right project and to the right person so we can ensure they’re all being done.

I tested it last night and it’s working perfectly, thanks so much!


Its very nice that it is possible to assign a person to a task when using e-mail.

But it would be even more usefull to be able to add multiple persons in the “to” field, and thereby creating multiple copies of the task.

Ie. if i want feedback from more than one person i send the e-mail to multiple persons.

Is it just me or is that functionality missing @Sara ? And what do other people think about the usefullness of that functionality?

@Peter_Skjoldager, that’s an interesting idea! To be clear, there isn’t a way right now to assign a Task to a specific person via email-to-Task functionality – you can either assign it to yourself (by forwarding it to your My Tasks) or file it in a specific Project.

It makes sense to me that if you wanted to assign it to a single person, you may want to save even more time with assigning copies to multiple people right from your email. I’ll definitely file that feedback – thanks for your input!


But then the person would get the email + the tas assign, that would be annoying to get the email as well no?

I did not really think of that.

But wouldn’t it be possible to develop some sort of solution for that?

Another possibility that has been mentioned is that in the subject field, some specifik “coding” could be used, ie. fx put initials in brackets [user1, user2]…

And just to be better understand the options, what does the yellow marking mean, if it is not the posibility to add a task assignee?

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We could imagine some kind a service (developed by a talented developer!) that would receive emails and would create/assign/comment tasks accordingly… I think that would be really useful for a lot of people…

Well looks like this is what you are asking indeed :sweat_smile:

Peter, I had this exact same reaction when I read that just now! If that’s not how it works then I’m utterly confused, because I’ve been using it like that - @Sara could you clarify what you meant here so we’re talking about the same thing:

I’ve emailed tasks and assigned them to people that way before, so then this suggestion/question is whether we can/could enable people to assign multiple copies of tasks with multiple ‘To’ assignees.

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My mistake! Apologies for the confusion.

I’ll file the request to be able to assign copies from the email-to-Task functionality. Thank you for the update!


We have a team that is broken out by role and some have cross-role responsibilities.
I would like to send an email “Task: Action” to an Asana task and ASSIGN directly to a person WITH a Due Date.

This was discussed before and the suggestion was filed. Any further status OR updates @Sara @Peter_Skjoldager

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Hi, I am going crazy reading through all the articles and have not yet found a solution.

Is there any way to automatically forward all incoming emails from a company email inbox (not gmail) to generate tasks in asana automatically?

Hi @Eduardo_Escolar and apologies for the confusion!

Yes, you can set a rule in your mailbox to automatically forward all emails from this Inbox to Asana. Here are steps by steps the procedure you should follow: Turning emails into Asana tasks | Product guide • Asana

Hope this helps!