Automatically forward email into Asana Project

We’ve established 2 support projects in Asana to accommodate IT and HR requests (A 3rd to come). I’m trying to figure out the simplest and most cost effective way to have users email a central email address (IT@ and HR@) and then have that email be created as a task in Asana.
Options include:

  1. Create an IT@ and HR@ Asana user account for each project so that those email accounts can forward into their Asana projects. Would create automatic forwarding rule in Outlook.
  2. Use Zapier or similar tool, but I believe I still need two Asana accounts so I’m paying for #1 and Zapier.
  3. Setup an Asana integration or Admin user account that is designated to forwarded email. From here setup Email Forwarding permissions for multiple emails under My Settings.
  4. Use Asana’s API?
  5. Other?

I hope this was clear. I’m leaning on #3, but any input would be helpful.

thanks in advance.

It depends on your exact requirements. If you are not concerned about the possibility of spam being forwarded in to Asana (possibly because you have a great spam filter), and you don’t need anything more than the Asana email to project gives you, then I suggest #1 is easiest to implement.

Hi @Mark_MacBeth

What about creating an Asana form?

This form will be able to automatically create tasks in Asana, even if the person filling it in doesn’t have an Asana account. And it ensures that all the information is provided because you can make questions mandatory or not. This reduces the risk of having an incomplete request by email.

More info here : Forms • Asana Product Guide