Automatically forward Gmail messages to a project

I am using a delegated Gmail account that has three users added to it. I setup an IT Ticket project. I need to automatically forward the Gmail messages to the project, so that we do not field the messages through Gmail, but ASANA instead.

I used the project’s email address to setup automatic forwarding in Gmail, but Gmail is asking for a conformation code that it sent to the email address. I don’t see the message in the ASANA project.

Anyone know of a way to resolve this or a different way to setup automatic forwarding? The Gmail add-on will not work because three people will receive the Gmail message and forward it to the project.

Hey @Elizabeth_Celuck
have a look here another user was facing the same problem and got it to work out: Getting Gmail forwarding confirmation code - #6 by Lisa-Marie_Long

Let me know how you go :slight_smile:

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I would suggest trying Zapier to create a new task with each email. This way you can extract even more info from the email and put it in Asana in custom fields.

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