Getting Gmail forwarding confirmation code

I’m confused about the process of setting up a filter in GMail to automatically forward certain messages to Asana. When GMail sends a confirmation code to the forwarding address (, it uses a address. So how can I see the confirmation code GMail requires?

Thanks! Seems like I’m overlooking something pretty basic…

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Hi @Mark_Ganem
I don’t think you can. The is a generic address that depending on the sender it determines which User to add the task to.
Assuming you already have your Gmail account as a registered email account in Asana.

Sorry can’t be much help.


Hi Jason, thanks for your reply! The Asana Guide topic “Turning Emails into Asana Tasks” suggests this is possible ( and even provides a link to gmail forwarding instructions. See screenshot:

Perhaps I’m mis-understanding this?

Same issue here. I can manually forward emails to Asana. But I would like to automatically forward them. The lack of confirmation code is a problem.