Asana Integration with Emails

Hi there Asana Devs,

I have created a service that can auto-edit subject lines to forward into your Asana email so you automatically get the users Sender-Address

I would like to offer to partner with Asana in an effort to both promote my new product as well as offer this to you and giving you a cut of it

Worst case scenario you say no

To check it out go here:

It allows you to auto-forward your emails to this newly created inbox, it will auto-forward your emails from this inbox to your Asana inbox and will auto-append the senders email to the subject line

Thanks, please let me know if this is spam and I will remove it

  • Zach


Thanks for the work! But I am not sure to understand how things work. Can you give an example? Because you can already send emails to Asana directly to create tasks…

If you build something for Asana you can ask to be featured on the Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana page, but I am under the impression that your service is not really tied to Asana, is it?

Hi Bastien,

That’s somewhat why I posted here,

Essentially forever ago when I was using JUST Asana I wanted all my emails in one place, but Asana doesn’t support email modification when forwarded, so I setup a service that will take your emails by forwarding them to it, you can modify them (such as putting senders email in the subject, thereby creating the title of the Asana task with it), and then forward it to Asana

I’d be open to setting up something with Asana such as a discount or included in the pricing of Asana if you would like to use it, I appreciate and respect Asana so we could even set up an API with you so you may include it in your base configuration

Please let me know


Just to clarify things, I do not work for Asana, I am a member of the community and built myself tools around Asana (Profile - Bastien_Siebman - Asana Community Forum).

I understand the idea better. Maybe @Marc has some inputs for you, I think it was his idea when we talked about Asana years ago.

I don’t know if this forum is the right place to ask for a “deep integration” with Asana. Maybe someone from the team will come over here and share advices. If not, I will try to introduce you to the right people.