Getting Gmail forwarding confirmation code

I’m confused about the process of setting up a filter in GMail to automatically forward certain messages to Asana. When GMail sends a confirmation code to the forwarding address (, it uses a address. So how can I see the confirmation code GMail requires?

Thanks! Seems like I’m overlooking something pretty basic…


Hi @Mark_Ganem
I don’t think you can. The is a generic address that depending on the sender it determines which User to add the task to.
Assuming you already have your Gmail account as a registered email account in Asana.

Sorry can’t be much help.


Hi Jason, thanks for your reply! The Asana Guide topic “Turning Emails into Asana Tasks” suggests this is possible (Turning emails into Asana tasks | Product guide • Asana) and even provides a link to gmail forwarding instructions. See screenshot:

Perhaps I’m mis-understanding this?

Same issue here. I can manually forward emails to Asana. But I would like to automatically forward them. The lack of confirmation code is a problem.

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No news? I have the same problem.

Hey there! I know I’m super late to this forum but I was hunting for the same answer myself.

Played around for a little while and worked it out! As long as you add the forwarder email address to your workspace + project first, the confirmation code will pull through as a task in your project and you’ll be able to put the code in from there. Hope that helps!

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