Verify asana project email to allow gmail filters to forward certain emails automatically

Each asana project has a unique email address. I’d like to know if it’s possible to either verify the email addresses for asana projects within our organisation or if it’s possible to circumvent this. If either can be done, this would open up some really useful possibilities to set up gmail filters that would automatically forward an email to a specific project.

Can you clarify what exactly you mean? The relevant project emails can be found within the project. Or did you mean whether it is possible to export a list of all these emails somehow?

I have done this before via an email filter to send specific emails to an Asana project.

Hi Andrea

Ok, I’ve actually just solved this. but I’ll explain here for clarity and in case it is of any use to someone.

I’ve previously generated a task in projects by manually sending an email to that project email address. However, when a filter is set up in gmail to forward emails automatically, it requires that the forwarding email address gives permission for this by verifying the request (Gmail sends the forwarding email address a link which needs to be clicked to allow this auto forwarding).

The reason I was not finding this email as a task was because the initial verification email of course does not set an assignee and I had a filter on my project only showing assigned tasks.

Sometimes having a question bounced back at you is enough to find the answer, thank you for the response.


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Great to hear you were able to solve this. And thanks for taking the time to share the steps/tips for others!

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