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Hi all! I need some insight. I have a small marketing agency and we use asana a lot to manage projects and tasks. But one thing I hate is email. Does anyone have any tips or idea’s on how to better manage emails from clients that need follow up from the client if we haven’t heard from them in 7 days or something like that? We use G Suite for our email and Google is getting better about nudging emails back into your inbox if you haven’t heard from someone in a while but I’d like to be able to do this in asana. Any thoughts and help is appreciated! Thanks!!

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What I do is forward the email to Asana to create a task, assign a date in the future, assign it to me, push the task to Later. 7 days before the due date, the task will come back inside Upcoming in My Tasks. I push it again to Later, and on the due date it comes back to Today. Then I re-open my email client and send a follow up email.

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That is a great idea! What do you end up doing with the email in your inbox?

One idea is to create a folder of the type: Asana - In Progress, leaving these emails in stand-by, as soon as you finish your activity in Asana, you will most likely have to return via email and at the moment you can file this e-mail.

I hope I contributed! :slight_smile:

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That make sense. Do you still send the email to Asana and then move to a folder in your email?

Yes. I leave my inbox clean and do not miss the traceability of unanswered emails.

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Got it!


Hey @Bastien_Siebman, thanks, this gave me a great idea!

Currently you can already accomplish the first two of those things - setting a date and assigning to you - right from the email without having to go to Asana at all, using Flowsana’s Hashtag Automation. But Flowsana was not setting the task’s status, so it would end up in “New Tasks” on the My Tasks list.

Your comment made me realize that I should also set the status - so I’ve just added that to Hashtag Automation! Now if you assign the task via a hashtag, and you set a due date or time, Flowsana will set the status so that it automatically shows up in the right section in My Tasks. (This enhancement will be rolled out to production tonight.)

Thanks for giving me that idea!


@Phil_Seeman, That’s great, but shouldn’t the Marked For status be up to the user? What about today upcoming later being settable by the user instead? I might have a task with a due date two weeks out that I want marked for Today because I need to start working on it today.



Good question. Let’s move this discussion over to Integrations in case it takes a few more posts to discuss it.

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My new habit is to have only one folder, and I store all emails in it. I don’t have multiple folders anymore. The email client search engine is powerful enough, so as soon as the task is in Asana I archive the email.


How is this going with one folder? What about newsletters and those less important emails?

Deleted as soon as read. The rest is searchable.