Flowsana hashtag automation - now sets "My Tasks" section

Continuing the discussion from Help with follow up emails:

I was going to implement that at first, but then I changed to the current automated approach for simplicity’s sake. But you’re right; the user should really have the flexibility to set the status to whatever they want.

Question: would you prefer to have the status not set at all if you don’t explicitly set it; or would you prefer to have it set automatically based on the date if you don’t explicitly set it, but you could override that if you did explicitly provide a status hashtag?

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Nice addition!

I bet I’ll get some pushback, but so long as Asana’s model is to make new activity appear in “New” I feel your default behavior should be the same. I’d prefer that and I think it’s simple, consistent, and understandable.

If there’s a lot of demand for setting Marked For based on due date, I think you should offer than as as Flowsana setting set by default either on or off as you wish, but able to be configured.


That’s a good point. I tend to agree with you. My general philosophy is to be as consistent and “in sync” with Asana as much as possible, and your suggestion would probably best do that here.

I’m going to think on it some more today (and see if I get any more feedback here) but I’m currently thinking I’ll add the three special hashtags of #today, #upcoming, and #later (which, consistent with Flowsana hashtag design, could also be specified as ~today, ~upcoming, and ~later if you needed to avoid a collision with a tag or project of that same name); and if none of those special hashtags is included, just leave it as going into “New Tasks”.

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I’ve added this functionality to Flowsana’s hashtag automation feature. The way it works is: if you’re using hashtag automation to specify an assignee and you want to also specify what section the task should be placed into within the user’s My Tasks list, you can include one of these in the task description:

If you don’t include any of those phrases, the task will go into the New Tasks section.

I also added one other new feature to hashtag automation: you can use #me to assign the task to yourself. Note that this only applies to the user whose Asana user is linked to the Flowsana account that added a hashtag automation workflow to the project in Flowsana.