Email tasks to a specific section under a project



I am aware and have used the feature of emailing tasks to a specific project in Asana. However, was wondering if there is a way to email the task to a specific section in the project?


Is it possible to email a task to Section of Project

Not at the moment, sadly. That would be quite awesome I agree. Emailing task could be way more powerful in many ways.


There is if you are a Microsoft Outlook user. We included that by purpose and it is one of our most popular features.

. Our add-in is


Hi, I am curious if it is possible to email a task to a specific section within a Project? For example, I use a Asana project for weekly meetings, and i’d like to create an email domain for team members to email tasks to the “Agenda” section of my project? Is this possible?


It is possible with the Microsoft Add-in but I do not believe it is possible with the native Asana email system or either one of the the GMail or Outlook add-ins.


Hi @azendejas and welcome to the Forum!

I can confirm what @James_Carl already explained; as it stands, it is not possible to email a task in a specific section from using this method or the Gmail/Outlook add-ons. Hopefully this is somehting we can implement in the future!

In the meantime, since we already have a thread on this topic, I have gone ahead and merged your post with this existing thread, hope that’s ok!