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Thank you Asana for the supportive tweat. https://twitter.com/asana/status/941731086459052032

It is very enjoyable to be part of such a supportive community.

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I am very happy to be adding the ability to add new sections “on the fly”. This feature is in final beta testing and should be out this week. Eric and I are very pleased with the very significant features of Sendana and I really think this new feature adds to many features not found in any other email to Asana add-in. So now you can add new Tags and new Sections on the fly. One of the greatest features besides creating tasks, project conversation and team conversations is the ability to pinpoint the location of your new tasks within a project originally down to existing Sections and now if you need a new Section you can create it without leaving Outlook for Windows. Their is significant recommendations throughout the Community to use Sections and Tasks before use of Subtasks (because of limitations on Sub-tasks) and this is a great enhancement. Thanks for all the support.

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Is the ability to add an email to an existing asana task been added to your product ? If not - is it on the road map to be added ?

Sendana continues to add features requested by its user base. While some may seem subtle in fact they become very incremental to productivity.

  1. Sendana allows you to insert the email body into the Description with one click. We now open up to a large description box for editing out those unnecessary signatures and other junk portions of an email that end up showing up in an email sent to Asana. One click into the description box expands for easy editing.
  2. We have added the option to include the email header so when the insert email into task description occurs you have the option to include who it was from and other header detail. This was requested by a user so they always have who sent the email that produced the task or conversation.
  3. Every field in Sendana is looked up for you in a drop down so no need to search for items such as the Project Name etc.
  4. You can laser drill into the exact location you want to create all the way down to the Section level.
  5. If you need a new Section or Tag you can create instantly.
  6. I am happy that GMail users have a Gmail extension and hope that Asana continues to develop its feature set for ease of use. I know from experience it takes time. In fact GMail is my email provider, I just choose to continue using Outlook 365 with the built in synchronization of GMail. This allows a solid provider, Outlook and the power of Sendana for Windows Users. We continue to look for new ideas but it has been very satisfying to see our software today versus where we began. @EricLegault my developer has never been stumped by my requests as we move it forward.

Sendana 30 Day Trial

Stratelyze LLC continues to add great features to Sendana-The Outlook Add-in for Asana. We are proud to add the following to our great feature list:

  1. Option to send attachments or not. This allows the user to create new task from inside Outlook that are not even associated with the email they are on. Of course Sendana allows attachments, and a multitude of lookup and selection to create tasks, and conversations.

  2. Spell Checking. Sendana now has spell checking built in for the very detailed among you.

Sendana continues to be the most full featured Outlook Add-in available to Asana Outlook Windows users, It can save hours per day creating your important tasks, conversations and adding your attachments. Thanks to @EricLegault for tremendous developer skills.


I just finished evaluating Sendana and just had to purchase it. What a time saver! I’ve recommended it to the entire team here at National Pen.


Anything new on the feature to add an email to an existing task?

Would it be more doable by opening a task in asana and then adding the email to the open asana task?


Sendana is awesome, and I couldn’t use Asana without this program. It is a huge time saver for our company. I believe there is no better way to integrate MS Outlook with Asana.


Stratelyze LLC announces the latest version of Sendana. We are proud to be releasing the latest version of Sendana with our powerful new Attachment selection capabilities as well as thumbnail view in Asana of all attachments sent from Sendana. Are you tired of all the signature files that get sent when you use the standard Asana email system? Well now you can select only what you want to send. And our excellent developer @EricLegault has solved the mystery of files sent through the API not showing as thumbnails. We believe that Sendana stands alone in its excellent integration to Microsoft Outlook. And don’t forget G-Mail users, if you subscribe to Office 365 you can merely sync your G-Mail account to Outlook and have a truly superior integration of your email and Asana. Thanks for all the suggestion and support of the many users of Sendana.!

The ability to pick which attachments you want to include in the Asana task creation has been received very very well. No more signature files !!!

Sendana Free Trial-No Credit Cards Requested

Sendana (and Asana) is a great product! I am using Sendana in our law practice and it’s saving me time and streamlining our workflow. Keep up the good work!

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Did you know that Sendana has the following features:

  1. You don’t have to search for anything (I certainly would not want to have to remember every project, assignee and collaborators name), everything is a drop-down that shows you everything that is available and you can type a few letters that auto-complete matches. Sendana also remembers the last organization and Project you used.
  2. You can create new Sections and Tags on the fly if you don’t see what you need from the drop-down that shows you everything available.
  3. No more of those annoying signature image files as you choose from a drop down of attachments that are in the email.
  4. You can create tasks that have nothing to do with the current email as Sendana uses the API.
  5. If you like the header information of an email in your task description you can set options to allow this.
  6. You can insert the email body, clear the description or type whatever you want. As soon as you do any of those Sendana expands to a full Description area so you can edit your emails to eliminate strings of emails etc.

and many many more features.


@James_Carl I just downloaded the free trial to test this out for my team. Is there a way to override the project drop-down? I think a lot of the time I’d be using this for my personal “to do” list under “My Tasks” – not necessarily associated with one specific project. I got an error when I tried to select nothing. Am I missing something? If project is mandatory, please consider adding an option like “My Tasks.” That would make a huge difference!


The best thing to do is to Create a Private Project. That way you can map tasks, set priorities, etc. and you are the only one who can see it.

@Todd_Heflin, @emurphy Thank you Todd, I think we visited on that didn’t we. The only thing I have to add is when something is assigned to yourself in the Private Project, of course it will also show up in My Tasks. I think also, the Private Project may even have some better flexibility than the My Tasks in my opinion as it introduces all kinds of things you can do with sections to stay organized. Sendana does require a project.

@James_Carl, @Todd_Heflin

Understood, thank you both!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to drop a line to say that our team loves using Sendana with Outlook. It makes life so much easier, and our collaboration much more smoother. Thank you Sendana for your great app/plug! Great stuff!! :grinning::sunglasses:



Hi James,

We have been using Asana for several years and love it. I has been using the email forwarding to projects for Asana from our Outlook. A few weeks ago a team member found Sendana and did the free trail. She share that with me a few days later. WE LOVE IT! The ability to send our Outlook items to our Asana projects and assign them to people, sections, and projects with due dates all in one step. It is amazing!! :slight_smile: We had send to Asana before and then go into Asana and do all the assigning work. It is so seamless now. Thank you!!