Flowsana > Asana Send Email Notifications Not Working

Hi All,

I just subscribed to Flowsana to help me and my team send email notifications when a custom field is changed. However, it seems that the workflows that I have created on Flowsana weren’t synced to Asana that’s why the Asana rules are not working.

The workflow is when custom field A is set to “a”, it should send a notification to the task assignee, but we have tested and tested but we still won’t get any email notification.

Any insight on this?

Thank you!

Hi @enyonam,

Please send an email to support at flowsana dot net including the problem description from here, and also please use the “Copy task link” function on a task for which you didn’t see a notification and include that task link in your email (you are welcome to send a couple of task links if you’d like since it sounds like you have multiple tasks in that situation). We’ll check it out and get back to you!


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