Change "To" address Gmail "Send email" action

I have an external (“public”) Asana form I send to vendors. This form creates an approval task in my project. Based on the information provided, I’d like to send an “approved” email to the person who submitted the email - this means the “To” address would be dynamic based off of a custom field in the project. Is that possible?

My ultimate goal is to automate vendor follow up and either provide a link for them to schedule time on my calendar, or decline their services.

Welcome, @Rebecca_Abram,

You currently can’t do this natively in Asana, but I believe you can in (cc @Phil_Seeman) or also,, etc.

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Hi @Rebecca_Abram,

Yes, as @lpb mentioned, sending an email to an address in a custom field is available in the “Send an email notification” rule action provided by our Flowsana integration:

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