Can you automate Asana to send an email to an email address from a custom field?

If “Email Address” is a custom field in each of my tasks, and each task has a different email address, can Asana use Rules to trigger an email being sent to the email in that custom field?

Perhaps not in Asana, but definitely in Flowsana: Change "To" address Gmail "Send email" action

@Phil_Seeman Flowsana expert

What if there are two email addresses? Can I specify which one with Flowsana? I used my free trial for Flowsana already and it didn’t improve my capabilities so I’m not sure I’ll get approval to get the paid version

If you can build a valid trigger condition to differentiate one address from the other, then yes, I’m sure you can.

Hi @Rion_Hallaran,

Thanks, @Stephanie_Oberg1!

Rion, regarding Flowsana:

  • As Stephanie showed, it’s definitely possible with Flowsana.
  • If there are multiple email addresses within the custom field and they are separated by semi-colons, then Flowsana will send the email to all of them. If there are multiple addresses in the field, it’s not possible to only send the email to one of them and not the others.
  • If you send an explanatory email to, we can give you a new trial so you can try this out without having to pay until/unless you find it appropriate to do so.

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