How can I make autogenerated emails once a custom field is set to a specific drop down?

I want to set a specific custom field and when that is selected to show that tab, I want an autogenerated email to be sent to someone.

I use Flowsana to do this.

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Can any level account use this feature? Also is it free?

If your plan allows rules, it will work.
You can try out Flowsana for free.
@Phil_Seeman can tell you more.

Thanks, @Herve_Buisset.

@Taylor_Leatherwood, any Asana account level can use Flowsana. At the free and Premium levels, you can build rules in the Flowsana web portal. At the Business and Enterprise levels, you also have the additional capability of having most Flowsana rule actions available for use right within the Asana rule builder.

Flowsana is not free; there’s pricing info here. There’s a 30-day free trial so you can see if it’s right for you.

Would the app Workino be able to do this instead? We are looking for a free solution.