Autosend emails with project field as address


How do I auto-send an email (via zapier) when the email address is in the project field?



I am not sure I understand what it means…

Thanks for replying!
We have a form that auto-populates the project field with an email address. We would like to automatically send an email template to this email address (the email addresses are listed within the field of the project) when we add a tag to the task. Does that make more sense?

I believe it does. Asana does not send email natively, not yet anyway. You’ll have to rely on other automation tools like Zapier,… Don’t hesitate to contact me directly ( I believe it goes beyond a simple forum answer.


FYI you can accomplish what you want via our Flowsana integration. Here’s what the rule might look like (click to enlarge):

1 Like would be the best point of contact. It might take them a few days to answer, depending on your Asana Plan.