I'm new...Can Asana send emails for me?

I’m constantly having to send out reminders to sources/clients about sending me content, paperwork, etc. Right now, I tailor-write every single one of those emails! Is there a way on Asana to set up automatic emails to sources without actually inviting them onto the project? (It would be a form email applicable to everyone that’s dragging their feet getting back to me). I’m a journalist, so most of my sources are one-offs and I just need one or two things from them.

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@Abby_Narishkin Sort of. You can add them as guests to your project, they will need to accept the invite they will have a login into Asana. You can then update the project email settings to make sure they get notified if you create a new task for them or comment etc. Have a search in the Asana Guide for details of what emails are sent and when.

Or another maybe to use a tool like Zalpier to do the email if you do something specific in Asana.

Hope that helps.

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Have a look at Collect | Product Hunt, it does not connect to Asana yet but can help!

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you could try propellerCRM, it works from inside of google. You can use templates like mail merge - so I use my templates and it auto populates with my customers name and project id etc.

I think it also has a campaign feature which will do something like a drip, ie keep reminding your user with automated messages.

Hi @Abby_Narishkin, I’ve set this up for clients before using a 3rd-party tool called Zapier. If you’d like to talk more I’d be happy to help.

Todd Cavanaugh
Asana consultant

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Hi Todd!
I have the exact same problem like Abby.
We also need to send a mail automaticly out of asana without inviting them to asana.
The mail should be sent if a task is overdue - i know zapier, but i did not find a trigger “task overdue”.
So … we would really be very happy to hear about your solution
Thanks in advance

Hi @Wolfgang_Muffat, you are correct that there isn’t a trigger for “Task Overdue.” Your use case is a little different from the one mentioned earlier where a manual step could be included to automatically trigger an email when needed. I can’t think of an immediate solution to your problem using Zapier, because I believe you would need some custom coding that recognized when a task was overdue that acted as a trigger.

Hi Todd, I got the exact same problem as Abby, We also need an E-mail to be sent out to a customer, we currently use Zoho CRM for customers database.
We’d like an E-mail to be sent out whenever I complete a certain sub task or assign a due date to certain sub task in Asana. Please reach out to me with your solution


Stan B

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@Todd_Cavanaugh Would also love to know more about the zapier integration to send email. Please reach out at your earliest convenience.

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Sure @Elizabeth_Cox! Sent you a PM.

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I’m checking out the dossier integration. @Todd_Cavanaugh do you think a zapier integration would be better? what about threaded emails all in one task or emailing multiple people from the same task?

@gf11 I haven’t used Dossier yet. I’d say it definitely looks more powerful for customer communication.

If you’re looking for simple, transactional-type emails (i.e. send an email when a task gets a specific tag) Zapier works great. It also allows you to do a ton of other things besides that in case there are other integrations that would be helpful.

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Do you think it’d be possible to set up a series of zaps that could reply to users from asana like Dossier does (but with more granularity)?

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Almost anything is possible with tools like Zapier, just a matter of how much time you want to spend in setup. Zapier can struggle with keeping things in sync, which doesn’t sound like too much of an issue here. Seems like Dossier has an ability to parse comments or perhaps build its own database of emails which Zapier would not do as well.

I use Asana to send emails from Marketo via Zapier for our certification program. We have a google form that people submit when they submit their “certification”, which (via zapier) adds them to an asana project as a task with all their submitted info. Then our certification team looks at their info and “completes” the task by checking it off in Asana, which (via zapier) fires an email to that person via marketo with their certification info.

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I’m trying to do something similar: Send information from Asana to HubSpot. But I can’t find a way to identify the email from Asana. From all the fields that zapier gives me to choose from, none of them are a user email. Does any one have a solution on this? Thanks a lot!

I don’t send a specific email from asana/zapier, I just add them to a list in marketo and then I have a campaign in Marketo that fires an email to everyone that is added to that list. I imagine you could do something simliar in hubspot, though it’s been a couple years since I’ve worked with hubspot. Either that or you could just fire them into hubspot with a certain field or something and trigger off of that.

@Todd_Cavanaugh I am interested in the Zapier email workflow. Can you assist?

Hi @Nicole_Levesque, please feel free to fill out the form at the link below with more info about what you are looking for and I’ll get back to you. Thanks!

How do you setup Zapier to fire an e-mail from Marketo? Trying to do the same from Zoho mail or Zoho CRM