I'm new...Can Asana send emails for me?


I’m constantly having to send out reminders to sources/clients about sending me content, paperwork, etc. Right now, I tailor-write every single one of those emails! Is there a way on Asana to set up automatic emails to sources without actually inviting them onto the project? (It would be a form email applicable to everyone that’s dragging their feet getting back to me). I’m a journalist, so most of my sources are one-offs and I just need one or two things from them.


@Abby_Narishkin Sort of. You can add them as guests to your project, they will need to accept the invite they will have a login into Asana. You can then update the project email settings to make sure they get notified if you create a new task for them or comment etc. Have a search in the Asana Guide for details of what emails are sent and when.

Or another maybe to use a tool like Zalpier to do the email if you do something specific in Asana.

Hope that helps.


Have a look at https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/collect, it does not connect to Asana yet but can help!


you could try propellerCRM, it works from inside of google. You can use templates like mail merge - so I use my templates and it auto populates with my customers name and project id etc.

I think it also has a campaign feature which will do something like a drip, ie keep reminding your user with automated messages.


Hi @Abby_Narishkin, I’ve set this up for clients before using a 3rd-party tool called Zapier. If you’d like to talk more I’d be happy to help.

Todd Cavanaugh
Asana consultant