Using Asana to SEND Outlook emails

I am working on a new Onboarding workflow for new staff. Is it possible to use Asana to send an automatic email to a non Asana user whenever a new task has been added. Basically I would like to set up a rule where a trainer gets notified of the new employee’s arrival date so they can schedule training. These trainers are not in Asana and do not need to be for any reason, they only need a notification email.

I see you can use Outlook to send tasks to Asana so was wondering if the reverse was true also.

Thank you.

I am also interesting if someone can find a way to have Asana send emails somehow with another app…

Hi @Christine_Curtis and @Bastien_Siebman,

I’m not aware of a tool allowing you to create emails from Asana but the Dossier integration allows you to respond to your emails from Asana!


FYI according to this post, Dossier is shutting down?

@Christine_Curtis, @Bastien_Siebman,

Had you considered something like:

It seems that could work, with some possible constraints as described there.


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@Phil_Seeman, I’ve missed this post, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve filed a task internally to reach out to this developer!

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Hi! I would use Zapier to complete that. You can have the email sent out when a specific task is added.

The Asana connector in the MS power platform is really robust. The connector allows a fair amount of customization with little to no code. It’s a great solution if you plan on running additional actions along side the email notification.


We were researching this integration before the new year, and were interested in it’s ability to answer emails from Asana. We would be very interested if an alternative is discovered, or if the developer status changes.

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