The Asana automation bible: all the triggers and actions from Asana, Zapier, Flowsana,

Once you are convinced that automation is a game-changer, you need to get your hands dirty and start building your first scenarios. And pretty quickly, you realize that all your dreams can’t become true with a single tool. In order to cover many cases, you might need to combine Asana, Zapier & Flowsana.

For any question regarding Flowsana, @Phil_Seeman is very active on the forum and can help. If you want to do the same work for other tools like Workato or Tray, please don’t hesitate!

Unlike Flowsana, Zapier-Integromat have triggers and actions in other tools as well. They can also do virtually anything because they can use the Asana API.

The first table is a list of triggers, the second table is a list of actions. To help reading the table, I used emojis for each app and tier. :star:for Asana Premium, :dizzy: for Asana Business, :telescope: for Zapier, :rocket: for Flowsana, :space_invader: for Feel free to share any missing info or mistake, let’s make this table a trustworthy reference!

Trigger Asana Premium Asana Business & Enterprise Zapier Flowsana
Task marked complete :star: :dizzy: :telescope: :rocket:
Task changed to incomplete :rocket:
Task moved to a certain section :star: :dizzy: :rocket:
Task moved out of a certain section :rocket:
Custom field changed, dropdown list fields :star: :dizzy: :rocket:
Custom field changed, text and number fields :rocket:
Task added to project :dizzy: :telescope: :rocket: :space_invader:
Approval completed :dizzy:
Attachment added to task :dizzy:
Comment added :dizzy: :telescope: :space_invader:
Task assigned to a certain user :dizzy: :rocket:
Task assigned (to any user) :rocket:
Task unassigned :rocket:
Task is no longer blocked :dizzy:
Updated task in project :telescope:
Tag added to task :telescope: :rocket:
Tag removed from task :rocket:
New subtask :telescope:
New team :telescope:
New workspace/organisation :telescope:
New tag :telescope: :space_invader:
New project :telescope: :space_invader:
New user :telescope:
Task marked as a Milestone :rocket:
Task name contains certain words or text :rocket:
Due date set or cleared :dizzy:
Due date approaching or past due by a certain amount, changes at midnight :dizzy: :rocket:
Due date approaching or past due by a certain amount, changes immediately :rocket:
Start date approaching or past due by a certain amount, changes at midnight :rocket:
Start date approaching or past due by a certain amount, changes immediately :rocket:
Task added to another project :rocket:
New webhook event :space_invader:
Task due date added or updated
New activity (story)
Task updated
Action Asana Premium Asana Business Zapier Flowsana Integromat
Complete task :star: :dizzy: :telescope: :rocket: :space_invader:
Move task to a certain section :star: :dizzy: :telescope: :rocket:
Update custom field, dropdown list fields :star: :dizzy: :rocket:
Update custom field, text and number fields :rocket:
Set custom field, dropdown list fields on new task :telescope: :rocket:
Set custom field, text and number fields on new task :telescope: :rocket:
Add task to another project :dizzy: :telescope: :rocket: :space_invader:
Move task to another project :dizzy: :rocket:
Add collaborators :dizzy: :telescope:
Assign task :dizzy: :telescope: :rocket: :space_invader:
Set due date :dizzy: :telescope: :space_invader:
Add a comment :dizzy: :telescope: :space_invader:
Find user :telescope:
Find task :telescope:
Find project :telescope:
Update task :telescope: :space_invader:
Create task :telescope: :space_invader:
Create project :telescope: :space_invader:
Find section :telescope:
Create subtask :dizzy: :telescope: :space_invader:
Attach file :telescope: :space_invader:
Unassign task :dizzy: :rocket: :space_invader:
Add tag :telescope: :rocket:
Remove tag :rocket:
Update description :telescope: :space_invader:
Like/Unlike a task :space_invader:
Change task to incomplete :dizzy: :telescope: :rocket: :space_invader:
Set or modify task’s name to a certain value :telescope: :rocket: :space_invader:
Set task as an Approval task :rocket:
Send an email notification to certain users :rocket:
Create a new project from a template :rocket:
Add subtasks from a template :rocket:
Move task’s project to another team :rocket:
Archive task’s project :rocket:
Add option to dropdown custom field :space_invader:
Add user to a team :space_invader:
Create a custom field :space_invader:
Create a project section :space_invader:
Create a project status :space_invader:
Create a project tag :space_invader:
Delete a Custom Field :space_invader:
Update a Custom Field :space_invader:
Update a section name :space_invader:
Delete an Attachment :space_invader:
Delete a Project :space_invader:
Delete a Project Section :space_invader:
Delete a Project Status :space_invader:
Delete a comment :space_invader:
Delete a Task :space_invader:
Duplicate a project :space_invader:
Duplicate a task :space_invader:
Move a Project Section :space_invader:
Remove a task from project :space_invader:
Remove a User From a Team :space_invader:
Search subtask
Search tag
Make an API call :rocket: :space_invader:

:star: Special thanks to @Michaela_S, Ken Burnstein and @abass for helping out with Integromat.

:star: Also a special thanks to Matteo for taking care of the Automate column. He is a project manager and Asana Certified Pro specializing in optimization and workflows. Don’t hesitate to contact him! His mantra: Better process = Less time on Zoom!

:rotating_light:Important note: this list might not be always up-to-date and checking each tool documentation is probably a good idea!

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Die Asana-Automatisierungsbibel: Alle Auslöser und Aktionen in Asana, Zapier, Flowsana, Integromat und Automate
Asana の自動化バイブル: Asana、Zapier、Flowsana、Integromat、Automate のトリガーとアクション一覧
La bible de l’automatisation sur Asana : tour d’horizon des déclencheurs et actions disponibles sur Asana, Zapier, Flowsana, Integromat et Automate
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@Phil_Seeman would you be kind enough to proof-read the part about Flowsana and tell me if I made any mistake?
Anyone interested to do the same for Workato or Tray?!


I can’t express how valuable this post is. Can I nominate it for Post of the Year? @Bastien_Siebman you’ve done it again!


I was so happy to have the idea :slight_smile: that being said, Phil was halfway there, he has a Flowsana-Asana comparison in his documentation!


I thought it was a given that @Phil_Seeman is the man!

For those that haven’t checked out Flowsana, don’t live under a rock like I did… let this be your “trigger” to take “action”… :wink:


@Bastien_Siebman this is an incredible resource :pray:t3: Thank you so much for putting it together!!!


Thanks for the amazing post, @Bastien_Siebman!


Thanks so much, Jerod, for the endorsement and mostly for the brilliant pun!

I do have a few updates for you; I’ll send them to you via PM.


The list has been updated after Phil great help!!! Thank you Phil :heart:


Thanks so much @Bastien_Siebman - very helpful

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Good news: I got my hands on the Integromat list of features, and Tray themselves want to help completing the list :heart:


This is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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What is this exactly? I see you mention :building_construction: Integromat is a work in progress” so I’m assuming it is something specific to their product. I’m not ruling out the possibility that it is something in Asana that has been hiding under some magical rock :wink:

@Bastien_Siebman you list “Add collaborators” twice in the actions. The second seeming unnecessary because first covers all solutions where this action applies.

I wonder which solution is going to allow for the advanced action of Convert to Project??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Oh, yeah, that’s probably confusing. A “story” is the Asana technical name for a what end users would know as a comment on a task. Technically stories also include the automatic notes that appear in the comment section, like “Changed due date to 3/5/21”; but the best way to think of this automation capability is as “New task comment”.

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Great post @Bastien_Siebman Thanks for taking the time to put it together!


Thanks to Matteo the list became even more awesome with column! :heart_eyes:


Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman and @Matteo_Cossu1!


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