Tickets for Client Communication - Reducing Email?


Hi All,
Does anyone have experience using a ticketing system to manage client communication? Our clients like email and not being in a PM system (believe me, we’ve tried for years) - otherwise I’d have them in Asana and be done right there.

For example, if we need a client to let us know if they want the green or the blue logo currently we’d have a task “decide blue or green logo” assigned to our team member responsible for getting that info from the client.

Currently we will email the client outside of Asana, and then put an “emailed client” label in Asana with a “bump” label for us to bump the client again if they haven’t replied.

Does anyone have experience integrating some type of ticket system with Asana for these types of “we need the client for this one” tasks? I’m envisioning it where we can take an Asana item, assign a ticket ID to it, and then push it out to the client like we would with Freshbooks, etc.


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Have you looked at Asana2Go at all? Super great Chrome extension. One way I use it and I could see this maybe working. Client name = a tag. This way tasks can have due dates on them without cluttering your actual employee’s list. In my use case I have a tag “graphic designer.” I made a simple report pulling all incomplete tasks tagged as such, sorted by due date. Then I use Asana2Go to make a simple and easy to read PDF that I can send her before meetings.

The nice thing I’ve found is that, when combined with the MAGICAL outlook Asana integration app, it is pretty easy to manage putting responses (emails) from my graphic designer into the right Asana thread. Still takes a tiny bit of work for me to keep posting her replies in Asana but I feel very organized about what she owes me by when. She loves it because there is a clear to do list and she can align her PM software (basecamp) with the same due dates.

Hope that helps!



cc @lpb Asana2Go creator :slight_smile:

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@Kristian_Sekse, Thanks so much for the kind words on Asana2Go. It’s very gratifying to hear that it’s helping your non-profit. And wow, you’re an Asana user since 2011!

@David_Wank, one of the use cases for Asana2Go is when you want to work in Asana but those you collaborate with cannot / do not, so perhaps one of standard reports or a custom one can help.

(h/t @Bastien_Siebman)




I’ve used A2G and I wasn’t able to get the reporting that I needed, but thank you for the suggestion!

My question was more about incorporating tickets. What I did is that I started to raise tickets in Freshdesk so I can track the open to-dos. And I just put the ticket ID# in the task for Asana.



@David_Wank, If you haven’t already considered it:

and this (which is different, despite appearances here):

might help in automating some aspect of your integration. They have some existing recipes, but it’s pretty straightforward to roll your own using “triggers” and “actions.”