I need advice on options for tracking email communications in a task

Hello, I have a ticketing system setup in Asana so that if an email hits our IT inbox it is forwarded into a Help Desk project in Asana and it then creates a task from there. Are there any integrations that make it possible for the customer to receive a “ticket received here is your ticket number” email back when they email for support AND when the customer and tech are communicating on the generated email is it possible to have the communication thread between the two be documented in the task/ticket in Asana?

Example- Bill emails the help desk saying he needs a new website. Bill receives an email from Asana stating that the ticket has been created. The ticket is assigned to me and I email Bill via Outlook and ask, what do you want the name of your website to be? Bill emails back the name he wants. Then that conversation is documented in the ticket. I am not looking to forward the email into Asana to create a task.

Hello @Alex58, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Have you ever considered setting up an Asana form directly to gather your IT requests? Then they would be notified automatically upon completion.

Otherwise the way you have set it up now you can also send a confirmation set up with tools such as Zapier for example.

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Hi Andrea thanks for your input. We do have a form setup but the majority of our support requests are coming in via email. I will check out Zapier, thanks!

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