Not receiving notifications when creating tasks using email-to-task

I have an email filter set up to trigger certain emails to get forwarded to Asana to create tasks – so that I know they came in and to work on them.

However, I’m not getting any type of notification from Asana that the task was created, so I’m not actually getting alerted of the task’s existence unless I go to my tasks and check myself.

I would like to get an in-app notification that the task was created, and/or an email confirmation.


You are not getting an inbox notification of a new task assigned to you?

Hi @Philip_Lundgren, welcome to the Asana Community Forum.

If your email notifications are turned on, you should be receiving an alert when a task in assigned to you via email. You should also be receiving this notification in your Asana inbox as well as mobile app alerts if you have your push notifications turned on.

Do you have these settings turned on and are still not receiving notifications?

Hi @Getz_Pro & @Rebecca_McGrath – Correct, I’m not getting in-app inbox nor email notifications when I forward an email to the x@ asana email address.

I’ve tried all three email notification settings (‘activity updates’, ‘mentions only’, ‘daily summaries’ – very confusing descriptions/differences btw…), and I have desktop notifications set to the highest level, ‘task updates’ – still no notifications anywhere, the task just appears in my task board.

Perhaps would be best. Be sure to include exact steps you are taking and screenshot your email settings.

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Thanks, I’ll try that again – had no luck the first time, with the response that it wasn’t possible. Sounds like it should be, so that’s weird.

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I believe this is expected behavior from Asana.

Asana stifles notifications for tasks you yourself do. I first pointed out the hardships this can cause around four years ago and requested it be a choice. For example, see:

I believe if you could trigger your email to come from an email address not recognized as you yourself then you would be getting a notification. Or, barring that, if you are on Business or above, then if you could identify a rule trigger for such emails then you could do something like add a comment by rule, which would generate a notification.

Hope that helps,


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