Email notifications for task creation within a project

I’m a project owner for an intake project - essentially we’re using an Asana Form for our staff to submit help desk requests. When the form is submitted and it creates the task, I’m getting the Asana inbox notification, but not an email notification. I also don’t get a push notification on my iOS device when a new task is created. I’ve checked and verified I have all notifications turned on for the project, my web account and within the app settings on iOS. As I work in IT for our org I also checked our spam filter and all is well there. Any help here or is there not an option for email notifications when a task is created?


Do you get email and push notifications in other cases or never?

Hi @Tim_Birke, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! This is currently working as expected and we have shared the feedback from the community with our product team so they can consider implementing this option in the future. Find more details below:

Hey Emily,

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the response and sending along the feedback. My team would definitely find this optional notification extremely useful in the future.



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