Seeking clarity for what happens when a non-team member (outside our domain) is added as a collaborator on a task

We have wholly embraced Asana within our organization, and now wish to pull in some trusted vendors by task only to see how that might work. Internally, we’ve minimized our use of email and it would be great to eliminate it with certain vendors, pulling their replies and info in via task comments. That said, many of these vendors are unlikely to set up and use Asana. So my question is…
are there screen shots or other images that detail what an invite from Asana looks like on their end, do they have to create an Asana account, or can they just reply to the email notifications,
what do the email notifications look like from their side, and
can they attach files to the tasks via email notification replies.

It would be great to see layouts of what their experience will be so we can prepare them for the experience. Many thanks!


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Your trusted vendors will need to each create their own Asana accounts to use Asana via email as you’re describing; it’s not possible without an account for them to get content into your Asana.

I’m not aware of the signup/notification interaction documented by Asana, but you can see it yourself by adding your own gmail or other account as assignee or collaborator of a task and replicating it.

Here is what they can do by email reply. They can’t add attachments to tasks by email.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll try that and see what we get.

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We used on of our personal email addresses not associated with our org and invited ourselves so we could log in and explore what it looks like on the guest side of things. It’s worked well for us and has allowed us to test access and visibility and make adjustments as needed.

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