Default setting of adding public task in My Tasks

Task added in My Tasks is private at Default.

But Organization works together.

so I want to see who have what to do.
I want to add public task in My Tasks at Default.
How do I set it as Default?


Hey @akihiro_yamamoto,

Tasks that do not belong to a project remain private.

The only way to have the result you want is to create a task, assign it to a member and add it to a Project. So, you and the member will be able to see the tasks at his “My tasks” list.

You can find more info about the use of My Tasks list at the following link on ‘Access another person’s My Tasks’ section.


Thank you for your reply @Diakoptis.

I read your comment and My Task of Product guide.

My understanding is below.

###Everyone can see

  • Tasks that belong to a project.
  • Tasks with Marking it public at the top of the task

###Only I can see

  • Tasks that my colleague add me as a collaborator
  • Tasks that my colleague assign me.

I want to make a feature request that Privacy setting I can see my colleagues tasks as default without Marking it public at the top of the task).


Would also like the ability to default tasks to public when creating new tasks under my tasks. Currently have to go into each task and make it public so their is room for error by forgetting to make it public. Thanks!


Agree with the others. It used to be default that a new task was public. Now it is switched and it is frustrating to no end. Please change it back or at least make it an option to choose either public or private as the default for your own workgroup.


Thank you for voting !! @Israel_Gonzalez


Thank you for your agreement !!

I didn’t know It used to be default that a new task was public.
We have to fight Secretive person…
(Making Option is the best Way to avoid the useless fight.
There are many useless fight in the world.)

Please push the button that display number for your voting if you agree .
(I noticed Voting button now)



This would be nice to have it as a per workspace setting. In the workspace settings check the “make all tasks public by default”


Thank you for voting :slight_smile:


We need this, too. We are new to ASANA and we really start to loving ASANA. But this is a very important feature to us, this lack of freedom how I want to handle the permissions of our tasks is a down breaker.

Perhaps you can make a hack that the admin of the workspace can choose if my tasks should be default private or public?

And what is the shortcut to make a task public in the meanwhile as a workaround?


Has there been any resolution to this? Has the option been made configurable?


Unfortunately not. But you can vote for please


Does anyone from Asana actually read this feedback? Can we @mention someone or something?

This seems like such an easy and simple optimization; I can’t believe that a company charged with improving task efficiency and workflow can’t implement something like this over the course of almost a year…


Feeling the pain too. For businesses using Asana most of the tasks should be shared anyways. Anything private, personal, the employee should use their own things, not in company’s Asana. My team is getting very frustrated having to enter the tasks and then click to make it public when they are on mobile phone on the project sites. It’s very unproductive. One of my project manager is refusing to do it and is sending me a photo of written task list asking me to enter it for me if I want it in Asana. It’s not of much help if my team is starting to refuse Asana.



I would like to see this functionality, as well! My full task list should be public to my team so they can see what I’m working on.


Totally need that. This is making the process really complicated. Please at least give us the option to make them public by default in the settings?

Thank you!


I’m reigniting this thread because this would still be a really useful customization.


Please add us to the list of teams that need this feature. The whole purpose of Asana from our perspective is to work as a team. We are not finding a need for private topics. At least not by default.


Please at least give us the option to make them public by default in the settings


FYI A workaround is to create a useless project that IS public, and just make sure all your tasks are added to that project occassionally (we use a project named “Y” with white background so as not to add distracting info, and make sure to add at the end of day when we are sorting our new tasks).