Making Tasks Default to Public

My husband and I share a board but he can’t see any of my tasks unless I mark each one as public instead of private. My projects default to public and he can see those, but how do I get tasks to default to public?


Great question, @Allison_Alexander. If you add the tasks right within the board project that your husband has access to, he should be able to see the tasks by default. If you’re creating tasks in your My Tasks area, this is usually when the tasks default to being private. I hope that helps!


Is there a way to set the tasks in My Tasks to be Public? My team doesn’t have anything on Asana that we can’t let others read. Especially one of my employee is on the job site a lot and setting up tasks in MyTask is faster for him. But it becomes a slight chore to share with others. If there’s a setting that can allow him to default to his tasks Public that would be great. His family uses Trello and he isn’t too happy right now with the added steps he needs to take here so I am trying to figure it out for my team.



Hi Victoria - Glad to hear this person is finding My Tasks useful! At this time we are unable to default My Tasks to public. However, a workaround you might use is to create a public Work Tracking project and invite this employee to select all my tasks at the beginning or end of each day and multi home those tasks into the public Work Tracking project.

This is super annoying. It is a reason that I may stop using Asana. If I can’t have the tasks be public automatically I’m out. I’m just getting ready to launch two large projects on Asana and if I can’t do that it’s a game changer for me. Please advise.


Hi @Desta_Goehner - To clarify, if you’re working in a public project, all the tasks you create there will be public. The distinction is with My Tasks, where a task is automatically private if you create it in My Tasks specifically. If I understand your workflow correctly, then Asana will be able to support your workflow for your large projects. All you’ll do is create new tasks in the project and they’ll automatically be public, unless you change the project or task settings.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to help!

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I am in my workspace which is shared with others. I’m trying to add tasks in a project in that workspace. They are all automatically set at private. Not the name fill in that I am used to. Not sure how to get that or why it’s not there. Frustrating.


I do think it is important to allow us to have a default of public even if in our My Task area (which I am usually). This is work, so everything I do is mostly public. So maybe the default should be public to start with but at least we need a way to make all new tasks being public rather than private in my opinion.


+1 vote for allowing users to select My Tasks to default to Public.


How do I make my tasks default to public?


By default a task you create in your MyTasks is private. To make it public, you have to click “Make public”.
If you create your task in a project, then it’s automatically public to the project members, and team members (depending on the project’s privacy settings).
You can find more details here:


Thank you for clarifying that Julien!

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How do you make all of your tasks public? Everyone on the team needs to see each others’ task lists.


I believe If you set your project public, all tasks will then become public to the team.

Check out this out:

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Hi @Kyle_Treige

Just to clarify, does your team tend to work solely in projects, or are there other standalone tasks that might live outside of those projects?

If the latter, you can encourage everyone to make their tasks public as they create them, using the option in the task pane:


Those tasks will now be visible via their My Tasks.

If you’re not confident that everyone would remember to do that, you could create a public project called something like Team Workload, and have everyone create their non-project-based tasks there. The tasks will automatically be public, but individuals will still be able to manage them via their My Tasks.

Hope that helps.


Ive been waiting for this to be resolved for 2 years now. Please make this a feature. I cant tell you how frustrating it is to have to go in and manually change tasks to public. Every team works differently. As a project management company should understand that. This needs to be an option. I cant tell you how many times I’ve tried to check up and see how my team is doing but I cant see their task list because its all set to private. Asana should not dictate how I run my team. I will. I seriously need this to be an option or we will be switching to HeyMonday because they have the ability to be able to do that.


Agree with Cory. My team is asking that Asana allow an option that all MyTasks default to public. Setting each and every task to public is a nuisance in an otherwise great product.


Is that default setting already avaiable? Couldn’t find it.

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No, it isn’t. At the moment you need to either be in the same project or set them manually to public.

:100: please, my kingdom to be able to set default public tasks in my own inbox. this causes me and my team much strife.

I totally understand that tasks can be default public by project, but sometimes things aren’t a project yet, but I still need to get them in the plan or worked on. Please make the option of default public in ‘my tasks’.