release planning?

hey so I noticed the Asana team actively publishes monthly release notes, which I assume means they use Asana to do release planning, I would like to use Asana to do release planning but I am not seeing any easy way to create releases in Asana. And please don’t tell me to use tags! Or create yet another project for each release!


Check out my post The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana for ideas (especially around Scrum)

HI @Matthew_Holloway!

At Asana we have a project with all product launches we’re currently work on. For each launch, the Product Manager in charge duplicates a template task containing multiple subtasks and cross functional stakeholders. There is for example a subtask for our team to make an announcement in the #community-forum-announcements category once the feature starts rolling out and there is also a task to make sure this new feature/update gets added to our monthly release notes!

If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend checking this template that we put together specifically for product launches: Product Launch Template • Asana

Hope this helps!