Release Management



How are teams using Asana for Release Management? It seems like Jira is much more mature in this area. Here are some ideas we’re playing with:

  1. Setup a Release Project and tag all associated tasks with that project. We’d set dates for when the release is to be code locked, qa’d, and released which would be communicated in standups and kept on a central calendar. Problem with this is that we already have a lot of projects being tagged so it could be a little hard to read, but we’d have a central place to look for all of the associated tasks and we could set it up with release mgmt swimlanes (dev/stage/prod).

  2. If releases are associated with sprints we could add release mgmt swimlanes to the sprint project (dev/stage/prod). The problem there is what do we do when a release isn’t associated with a sprint like a hotfix?

  3. Add a custom field for release numbers and set up searches for each release. Some problems with this is that everyone has to recreate the same search and then there isn’t a central place that does a good job at visualizing where tasks are in the process.

  4. We create custom fields for release numbers and release status (dev/stage/prod) that have to be set and updated. Problems are it’s manual to update status and no central central repository, but we may combine this w/ either 1 or 2.

  5. Create a release task that all associate tasks are dependent on. None of the dependents can be closed until until the release is approved and the main task is closed. Problem is that you can’t see all the tasks dependent on a task only what each task is dependent on. Could potentially setup a search for tasks dependent on X.

Would love to hear how other teams are solving for this.