Product Release Changelog

Hey there! My organization recently changed from primarily client-facing work, to a more internal process where we have one product which we are regularly updating and improving. We’re simultaneously attempting to role out support content. To keep that content updated, it’s really important that the support team knows when a change is made to the product the could impact our existing support content. We’d love to manage this in Asana since our whole team is always in the tool, but I’m struggling with how to set this up.

Does anyone have any recommendations or examples around how they’ve created a product release changelog that can be used by other teams to keep up to date with how the work they are doing might be impacted by a recent release? I’d love any feedback or support you can offer. Thanks a ton!

You can have a project called “Changelog” and the support team is added as a collaborator and receives a notification for each new task. Or you use a template task that has a subtask people need to assign to the support team. Does that make sense?

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@Alexa_Cromwell what solution did you ultimately go with?

thank you in advance.