Log of changes and improvements to Asana

Is there anywhere for me to see a log of user-facing changes to Asana as they’re made?

I know big ones are announced on the blog, and other changes are noted here, but I’m wondering if there’s a good way for me to see all user-facing changes somewhere as a running list.

Would be great to follow the progress the Asana team makes, adapt quickly to changes / removed features, and quickly experiment with and use of new features .


I second this emotion.

As an example I recebtly noted that the Project “Print” had changed.
I took a screenshot 5 june, to show my users how to print, and the very next day it wasn’t valid anymore.
As the function had moved to a submenu.
But on the Asana guide page Setting Up a Project in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide it still shows as being a top level function.


I completely agree.

But Asana seems pretty unwilling to share their inner workings. So while i hope they will do it, my hopes are low :slight_smile:


Well, I share the sentiment, as many companies behave like this.

But it’s actually a bit strange, as it is not “inner workings” – the feature is live!
So there should be no reticence in publishing that kind of info.
On the contrary, it would avoid customers’ ire. (live = affects us)

And I’m sure they could find willing curators to update the guide, even if it’s not an open wiki, happy to edit it for each new change.

It seems I might be on my way to opening another topic or two (guide update, curators, possibly something more pointed).
Feel free to beat me to it.


100% agree - this isn’t Snapchat. I don’t want to “discover” new features. It’s a B2B product that I increasingly rely on, and need to keep my teams informed. Asana, please take note.


Same here, although I am more interested in bug fixes than anything else. A couple of times I’ve filed a bug report but its frustrating not knowing when it is actually fixed. This allows the end user to test and verify that it truly is now fixed instead of periodically doing a “try and see”, only to find the problem still exists because we’ve had no feedback on its progress. I for one look favorably on companies that share this kind of info and are more likely to stay a loyal customer.


For all product updates, please have a look at our Release Notes or have a look at our #community-forum-announcements category!