Asana Release Notes, January 2019

Hi folks,

Please find below our Release Notes for the month of January:

  • Two Column Progress Tab in Portfolios: We’ve added another column to support your Portfolio Progress View, so you can see even more project-level information at a quick glance—including custom fields, activity, and status updates.
  • Automatically Delete Empty Tasks: To help prevent the accidental creation of multiple empty tasks, tasks without any content now automatically delete when you click into another task, another page, or when you paste copy that has line breaks.
  • Team Calendar Project Limit Increase: We’ve updated our calendar feature to support teams with more than 200 projects!
  • In-Product Templates and Template Gallery: To help kick off your projects, we’ve created a library of project templates on and in Asana. To find templates in-product, click the + New button in the upper-right corner of your screen, choose the project option, and select the team category most relevant to you to view template options.
  • Sorting and Filtering Capabilities on Boards: We’ve added the capability to sort (view tasks in a certain order) and filter (view a certain subset of tasks) on Asana boards to help you manage complex workflows and view the work that matters most to you.

For full details and to access previous Release Notes :point_right:

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Howdy @Marie, hey do we have any kind of ETA on when the OKR related features will be released? The one’s you guys mentioned in your “multi year vision” video -


Hi @Sam_Leahey :wave:t3:

Great question! The vision outlined in this video is definitely our north star for the next few years; while Portfolios were a first step toward achieving this vision, there will be plenty of OKR surprises coming along the way in the next few months!

I can’t tell you more just yet, but keep a close eye on the Announcement category and release notes :slight_smile:


Woo hoo!!! I am SO pumped for this!!!




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I would love to see the ability to privately use a template. For example, we have an employee off boarding template. We want this to be available to our managers (to use and edit, if needed), but don’t necessarily want all managers to be notified with the template is used… as we’re gearing up to let an employee go (it’s the kind of thing that needs to be on the down-low). Is this in the works? Even possible?

Hi Nicole,

You could lock a project template or create a secondary workspace where that template is kept. Just some thoughts.


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Hi Katie,

That would not meet my needs, unfortunately, as that option doesn’t resolve my concern. I’ll try to re-explain to help clarify.

What I’m saying is that because the only way for a user to be able to see, select, and employ a template is to be a “project” member of the template, all of the users who have the template available to them are auto-added to the new-template-generated-project. This auto-add is the problem. Your suggestion would still incur this issue even when only available to those users privately (conversely if locked down to only one person, no one else could use the template… and/or we’d have to manage multiple instances of the template).

In my example, this exposes an HR offboarding process for a particular employee which is typically a private matter that only the manager creating the project-via-template should see. (There are many other instances where this is problematic for us, too. This is just the easiest to explain.)

Thanks for attempting to provide a solution, nevertheless! Any other ideas?


Okay, sorry it doesn’t meet your needs. I just thought I would suggest a couple of things. Point of clarification, you can have multiple people on a locked project. That’s how we do 1:1 meetings with supervisors and performance evaluations here.

This sounds like something that should be ‘owned’ and maintained by someone in the HR department where a supervisor could request a copy of the template. The HR person creates the project from the template and reassigns ownership to the supervisor that requested it.



I think I might have a potential solution for ya Nicole. First, a template only needs a single owner and can be tied to a team. In other words, not all team members need to be a member of the template project to use it. They only need to be a member of the team the template is assigned to. The single owner of the template would be added to the project created from the template, but no other members of the team would be notified. You would just want to make sure, then, that the template owner is someone that would maintain confidentiality of the use of the template. Ideally, templates wouldn’t automatically add the template owner to projects created from the template. @Marie, is this feedback the team has heard already? I have a template that I use for Asana onboarding and I get spammed every time I lead a class.

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That sounds like the perfect solution to me. :+1:

Any plans for filters and multiple sorting options in lists?

I could find any thread in the #productfeedback category @Stephen_Patterson, but you’re more than welcome to create one! :wink:

Glad to see that you can filter a board view. When will you be able to filter in a list view?

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Hi @Paul_Shapin and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile: Filtering and sorting in List projects is already available! You can learn more about it in: Hope this helps!

Thank you for the quick feedback. I guess I need to be more specific.

Specifically I want to filter on a custom field.

The use case is that within a project I want to track Tasks, issues and Defects in a list as different views since I assume you can only have one list per project. So I want to have different views which focus
on one specific item type. Also when I save a view for everyone to use, I thought there would be an opportunity to name the view and there would be an option for a person to select a view. (I come from the Sharepoint World and this is how they handle lists.)

If you don’t have this capability I’m thinking I have to consider the “Team” as the project. And consider the projects as just components within the project (workplan, tasks, issues and defects)

Does that help?

Again, thank you for the quick response.

Thanks for the additional context @Paul_Shapin, appreciate it!

The best workaround I can think of is to create a report for each view you’d like of the same project. You will be able to easily share these reports with your team (simply share each report URL and your teammates can save them on their end). You will also have the ability to rename each report with the name you’d like. Here is the query should use for your report:

I’m aware this is pretty manual, but it should allow you to achieve what you’re looking for!

Thanks for the idea, @Stephen_Patterson! That could definitely work - I suppose that the Owner of the project could leave the template open to anyone on the team, which would allow anyone to provide revisions, if needed, since you are given the opportunity to make private/public when implementing the template. Yay! Thanks again! (And apologies for the delay in my response! The notification got lost in the depths of my Outlook inbox…and I live in Asana Inbox these days! :wink:)

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