How can setup successfully a project using VSM (Value Stream Mapping) methodology?

We are working with templates in ASANA to setup processes involving lead time and the VSM (Value Stream Mapping) concept.

For this it is needed to track the idle time between a task already done and the next time when you pick it up to start working on that, this could be tracked by a custom field and adding manually the lead time when you take the following task.

Does anybody could suggest how to use a time tracking app to set up this automatically?


Have a look at The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana for time tracking solutions :slight_smile:

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Hi Bastien, it looks like a grear list for apps to work with ASANA, but looking for a solution to maybe setup this I have not found anything yet.

Hopefully somebody with a clever or more experiencie compared to us will be appreciated!

Hi @Rodrigo_Rojas, I am not aware of an automated option for tracking idle time post completion of a tasks (or after the start of a task).

As @Bastien_Siebman suggested, there are a plethora of Time Tracking integrations with Asana which provide options: Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana

From my experience, I’ve had good luck with Clockify : Asana Time Tracking Integration - Clockify

It is free to use, and is very straightforward to track time around a task/project level. I especially like how it tracks and adds together multiple start/stop times on the same task (which can be used as a way to track idle/wait times in VSM). All you need to do is create “Waiting Time” tasks in between your set tasks and start/stop the timer on the waiting time. See below for a few examples. An option to consider…Hope this helps!




This is a very clever option and solution to do! Thanks @Bernie_Orelup!