Automatic Project Names

Is there a way to add a “code” to the name of a project? we like YYMMDD, but it could be anything. This code will be used across multiple platforms to keep track of everything having to do w/ the project. Does this exist? Thanks.

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This is not a native feature. I don’t know any external solution that would do this… Maybe you can get someone to build a Chrome extension that you could use to create a project with this format…

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You could have a protocol to build all your new projects from a template (paid plan) with [YYMMDD] in the project name to at least remind all to do it that way.

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I did a bunch of reading after I posted this. We’re pretty much SOL on that. In fact, the webhooks that Asana provides are missing a Project Created event. How frustrating is that? Oh well.

@David_B_Bitton, has a trigger for new project creation. That and more options are found here:


It’s my understanding that Zapier must poll Asana every 15 minutes for project creation. That’s not an option. Especially if I need that number for other resource creation.

If you can solve this + solve the same thing for task names, you’ll make a lot of people happy. :slight_smile:

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@Bastien_Siebman, I think @Maggie_Reddi has a solution for tasks:


I’ll add it to The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana


What about using the API to pull out theproject number? The # is usually not visible.