Automatically Add Project Name to New Project Tasks

I create new projects when we have one - and I use a template so the tasks are already in there + automatically assigned.

Is there any way to automatically have the project name added to each of the tasks (the Project field already exists)??

Hi @Athan_Slotkin, thanks for reaching out!

Just to make sure I understand your question, would you like to add the project’s name in the task title? For example, project name “Project Template” and you want the task name as “[Project Template] Task name”.

If so, it’s currently not possible to automatically update the name of all existing tasks at once. However, as you mentioned, all tasks that are part of the project will be tagged with the project name.

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @Emily_Roman - not quite. So for each new project we get - I use a template. The template has 6 tasks in it, automatically assigned to the relevant person (workflow). I want the tasks to automatically have the project name populated - so that when the team members receive the task, they automatically see which project it’s attached to (otherwise all of the tasks will look the exact same).

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Hi @Athan_Slotkin :wave: Maybe this helps you: If you export your template as CSV you can add the project name per Excel in the task name (simply with a formula). You can now create a project with the CSV, or reimport the CSV, and the task name should include the project name.