Inserting a project title into a task name

I use big, recurring projects from a custom template to track our product production on a batch by batch basis. I name the project by the batch.

Is there a way to build my task titles within the project so that they end up being [PROJECT NAME] Task Title? I’m open to other suggestions as well, right now I think I will have to do this manually as there is not a great Find and Replace option…


@Bastien_Siebman @Phil_Seeman, is this something that could be done via the API? Build an app with Asana

Yes, this is something that could be done via the API.

You could also accomplish this using Zapier. Let me know if that approach is viable for you and I can provide more details.

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I agree, we could really use this also.

@Mark_McClung Mark, I’m not sure you’re talking about the same thing that Josh is. Josh is asking for the name of the task’s project to be automatically inserted into the task’s name. It sounds like you’re referring to something involving a project’s description field?

Yes, that would work also. It would be great if the Project Name would show next to each task.

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