Include project name in task templates titles

Is there a way to get the Project Name to show up in the various pre-populated Tasks, when using a Project Template?

It’s really frustrating to have pre-populated tasks multi-homed into other things such as Calendar and Board Views when all you get is a generic task name.

I could create a dozen new jobs (Projects), all of them with a “Delivery Date” task. But when I look at the Calendar view, all I see is a dozen jobs saying “Delivery Date” instead of “Smith Delivery” or “Pacific Ave Delivery”.

So how can I get this easily to show up on Calendar View without having to train our team of 15-20 users to go edit the title of ALL those pre-populated tasks, manually typing in the Job Name, but also being careful to leave the task title intact?

If the Project is named “Rockefeller”, is there no way to have the pre-populated tasks automatically get “Rockefeller” as a prefix of some sort on the task title?


Hi @Matt5, thanks for reaching out!

At this time, project names will not be included in template tasks by default to reduce clutter. I would suggest adding this in manually to task template titles if this is something that would be beneficial to your Organisation.

That said, I’m going to move this post to #productfeedback so folks in the community can upvote it and so our developers can get a better look at the needs of our members :slight_smile:

Thanks Rebecca.

And to clarify, I’m only hoping this is an option to check, and not an “across the board, every time” thing.

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Hi @Rebecca_McGrath,

I would love this feature, too. It would save me soooo much time!
Where can I vote for it?

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Hi @Susanne_Schirling, you can vote by clicking the purple Vote button next to the thread title :slight_smile: