Task name with project name embedded?

We want to use Asana for event planning…apx 500 events a year :slight_smile:
One event = project
All projects have almost the same tasks, 10-15 pr project.

To get a good overview and separate tasks, I want to create tasks with a text + the project name.
For example:
Project name = Concert 24mar
Task name = Book hotelroom for Concert 24mar

Rule: Task name = “Text” +

Is this possible ?

Best regards
Per Gustavsen


Rule shoud be: Tekst + “project name”

@Per_Gustavsen, there isn’t a way to automate adding the Project name to the Task name (other than copy-paste). However, you’ll be able to see the Project name in other places throughout Asana – like My Tasks and Inbox – through the Project tile on the Task. That’s especially helpful when I’m assigned Tasks from a template that might all have the same name, but for different Projects.

You can see my two “Monthly Billing” Tasks in my task list here – one in my “Monthly Calendar” Project and one in my “Finance and Accounting” Project. They are independent Tasks, each in a different Project. I’ll also be able to see what Project they belong to by clicking in to them.

What you can see in the Task Pane:

Let me know what you think!

@Sara , thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I don´t think this will work for me, since there will be to many projects with the same task name. If the same task is in lets say 3-5 projects i think this would work. For us there wil typically be 50-60 projects running simultanously. We have appx 500 events a year, often booked months in advance, and each event will be a project with the same tasks (same checklist for every event).

Maybe Asana isn´t the right solution for handling this ? :smiley:

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@Per_Gustavsen what view/screen/use-case do you have specifically in mind where duplicate task names causes confusion? Maybe Sort by Project view will resolve that? Wherever it is you see all tasks from different projects and with same names, maybe you could Sort them by Project and then you will have this kind of view:

  • Project 1
    – Book a Hotel Room
    – Send invitations

  • Project 2
    – Book a Hotel Room
    – Send invitations

So, as long as tasks will be placed under project, there will be no confusion caused by same names.

Instead of this view, which you don’t like:

You will get this view:


I actually have a different twist on this request, which sorting by project won’t accommodate: I need subtasks to have the task name wherever they appear.

The most common place where this is a problem for me is actually in the notifications I get from the mobile app. Most of our use of Asana occurs inside one huge project called Content Calendar, and each task is an item to be published. We have 15-25 subtasks that represent the production process for each item, and because we use templates they all have the same names for each item. For example, we have 150 tasks right now that all have subtasks called “Final approval to publish.” When I get a mobile notification regarding a subtask, I have no idea what task (content item) it relates to until I tap it. With a large team humming along on Asana, I get lots of notifications and have to do lots of extra tapping. I’d like more humming and less tapping. :slight_smile:


In Desktop App it shows both (red is subtask, green is task):

I guess you mean mobile app?

Yes, sorry. I’ve edited my post to clarify.

I agree with that. Mobile lacks some essential features. That one and calendar view is my top requests.

A non Asana way of doing this would be using a Text Expander tool like “Type It” you could then setup a shortcut for each project and then type that shortcut and it will insert the full text.
Still manual but probably a bit easier than copy & paste.

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The ability to embed the parent project name into the sub task where ever “PROJECT NAME” or similar exists would be pretty fantastic.


Agreed. I also have a need for “Task Name Here from [project_name]”

Asana are you working on this? It sucks that you don’t see the project name in the calendar unless you manually add it to ever task.

I would like to bump this. We just got asana because we can integrate slack. We setup a project tempate with standard task names (e.g. “pricing”). When you search for a task name in slack to push a comment to asana and search for pricing it now gives me 50 options for tasks and I have NO way of identifying which task belongs to which project

The ability to show [Project Name] & [Task Name} is actually really critical, would also solve the issues identified above.

The last thing we want to do is to have to create a new project from a template and then update each task name to manually add in the project, not realistic. Any feedback would be REALLY useful


I would also like a feature like this. We have many sub tasks of the same name and it would be useful to have this feature so the Asana update email can be more informative. Currently there’s no way to see which task, the sub task belongs to in the update email.

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