Team Calender on the Asana Mobile App

Could you please help me about the calendar view for whole team in IOS application.

In web browsers I can do it but in IOS not.

Any tricks?

Hi @Mert_Yesil! The Team calendar is not available yet in our iOS app, but this is definitely on our radar! I’ve merged your post with this existing post, feel free to add you vote by clicking on the “Vote” button at the top of the page!

Our team is new to Asana and have already noticed a few areas that would be a huge improvement to how we utilize Asana.

  1. Have a “Team Dashboard”. This would be beneficial to our team since we have multiple projects, and not always does every individual want to track all projects in their “my dashboard” view. This would help in meetings where you need an overall uniformed view for team members without them adjusting their personal dashboard.

  2. Under “Team Calendar” it would be nice if project due dates were listed. I know there are some work-arounds to accomplish this via creating a task that is tied to the project due date. However it would be nice to see something that showed due dates for Projects on that team as well as tasks.

Suggestions for New Asana Features:

  1. add a 4th section to the “My Tasks” view: a “Tomorrow” Section that would be positioned below Today & above Upcoming; it would separate those few tasks from the many tasks in “Upcoming” and enable a user to easily and quickly perform an efficient bedtime review (and possible revision) of tasks scheduled for the following day
  2. add ability to duplicate tasks when using the iOS app
  3. add ability to change Tag colors from iOS

We use Asana extensively to help us manage all sorts of repeatable tasks, including policy reviews. We would love to be able to set a task to repeat at 2 year and 3 year intervals, but it appears that the max we can set the repeat date to is 1 year.

Seems like that should be an easy to implement new feature.

Darrel Donatto, Fire Chief
Palm Beach Fire Rescue

I would really like it if when I marked a subtask or task done that the date changed to the date I marked it done. It would be useful for tracking when certain things happened, even if they happened earlier or later than their due date, or even weren’t dated. Or perhaps there should be a separate “date completed” field that appears then?

@Miriam_Axel-Lute, Asana keeps a separate date for that purpose and shows in in the stories in the task detail. You can also see all the dates at once in a columnar view with this app (disclaimer: I created it):

I would love to have the option to put some kind of merge tags in my tasks so that I can seperate my tasks and projects easier. I now manually type the project’s name after the tasks, like this:

Send advertising results | Ninety-Nine Media

It would be amazing if the second part could be added automatically to all of the tasks in a template project.
Someone else suggested this as well: Task name with project name embedded?

Also, it would be amazing if we could choose from a colour palette instead of a few set colors for our projects.

Thank you!

No update yet it seems. This is still a big oversight in the Asana workflow. The Teams Calendar needs more attention in general. it is one of the BEST ways to stay on top of what’s coming up and how to arrange people’s schedules and workloads. As a project manager – and a project management software – this seems like a large oversight to me.

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In our business we have multiple projects going on at one time under one team. On our computer version, I can select the team and go to calendar and see all deadlines on one screen for all projects. On the app version, there is no way of accessing a full team calendar to view all deadlines. In the app, when I select the desired team it just shows the projects but no way of accessing a calendar for all projects on that team. Is there a tip or trick to correct this on the app or is this just how the app currently is? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Joshua_Shaver is this on Android or IOS that you are wanting to see the Team Calendar?


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Hi Jason, it’s for IOS.

Josh Shaver

Okay thanks. I thought it was available on IOS but not Android.

@Rebecca_McGrath - Is there an existing Product Feedback post that this can be merged with?


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Hi @Joshua_Shaver, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

The Team calendar is not available yet in our iOS app, but this is definitely on our radar!

Thanks for tagging me, @Jason_Woods - we do have an existing feedback thread for this topic :slight_smile: I’ve gone ahead and merge the posts to consolidate feedback. I’ll keep you both posted if I have any updates!

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Hi @Rebecca_McGrath

I too would like to know when this might be implemented.



According to this thread, adding team calendar to the mobile app has been “on your radar” since May 2017. Don’t you think it’s about time it moved off the “radar” and into practice? I am ASTOUNDED by how many things on these threads have been “on asana’s radar” for, like this one, SIX YEARS! Do better.

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Hello @Vicki_Glembocki and welcome to the Asana Community :wave:

Would have been nice to say at least „Hi“ or „Hello“ before complaining. And words in all caps surely won‘t help either. We should all communicate in a respectful way in this forum. Here are the forum guidelines for you to read again: FAQ - Asana Community Forum

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Hi Andrea. With all due respect, communicating in any way in this forum appears to accomplish nothing. Does asana think that users will ask for something for six years–SIX years–and just be chill and friendly forever?

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Hey @Vicki_Glembocki I‘d like to refer to this post where I list some points regarding feedback requests, features published etc :slight_smile:

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I found this thread from a Google search hoping to find a solution on where to view the overall Team calendar as my business mostly uses Asana on iOS. I see where this has been said to be on the company’s “radar” for quite some time now but is there any actual timeline in which everyone could expect this to be an available feature? This seems like an excessive amount of time for what in the grand scheme of things can’t be a huge update. There is clearly a large need for this to happen. I’ve been trying to figure out for months prior to this post, so I’m sure there are many like me who have not posted a reply on the thread but are anxiously awaiting this feature’s rollout.

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