Team Calendar View not available anymore

Since yesterday my Team Calendar View has disappeared. Is it possible to get this overview back?

Hi @Marije_Schenkel can you please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing when accessing the team in question?

Sure! Before yesterday there was an option, on the right of Overview and Messages, to see the Calendar view. Now it is only available per project.

The reason we appreciated Asana so much is the overall calendar view for all projects. Has there been an update? We are using the basic (free) version of Asana.

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Hi @Marije_Schenkel and thanks for the quick follow-up.

For stability reasons, we’re only able to offer a Team calendar for teams with a 100 or less projects, so if your calendar has disappeared it is most likely because your team has more than 100 projects.

The best advice I can give you is to delete or move old projects into another team!

Thank, I’ll do that! You see we are a big (and happy) user!



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I know this is an old post here, but we’ve had the same issue. We actually have the calendar URL saved and can still access it manually, but the link in the team is gone. Has this been resolved or do we still have to to use work-arounds for this?

If we are to move old projects to a new team, is there a way to do that as a bulk action or do we have to go through each project one at a time.

We’re a print shop and the best way for us to use ASANA is to make each print run it’s own project, meaning we have 10-20 projects a week…

Thanks for your help!