Team Calendar Dashboard has disappeared

We can no longer view the team calendar, which is something we use every day, multiple times a day, to manage productivity and work loads. Was there one minute, gone the next. I have submitted a support ticket, but am curious if this has happened to anyone else, and if so, why? It’s a very important tool for us. You will see on my screenshot, beside the word “Messages” was “Calendar” which is no longer there.


I’m going to move this to the bugs category to make sure that this gets the correct attention.


Welcome, @Carmen_Vogel,

Is there any chance you just hit 100 projects in that team?

There’s a limit of < 100 projects in order to enable the calendar view in a team page.



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Great question! I didn’t know this. Do archived projects count towards the 100 limit?

Yes, I believe so. You might want to move archived projects to a new team names Archive.

You’ve been extremely helpful, thank you!


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