the overall calendar view for all my projects is no longer an option

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the overall calendar view for all my projects is no longer an option
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chrome and asana desktop app
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@Vanessa_N, See also:

for more context.



Hi @lpb and @Christina_Papianou, thank you for tagging me here. I’d be happy to investigate this. Do you mean the team calendar when you click the team in the sidebar? Checking with our support teams, we had some users running into this issue, but it seems to have been fixed. If you are still running into this problem, please let me know and I’d be happy to escalate!

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Thanks, @Vanessa_N. Yes, Team calendar when clicking the team in the sidebar. I’m just reporting for others so I haven’t seen it myself; I’ll let them weigh in…

Thank you, @lpb. I can’t reproduce this either, so I’m wondering if it’s an A/B test.

@Christina_Papianou, I see that you are in touch with our Support team about this issue in an email thread. Would you be able to send them a screenshot of your Team overview tab?

I’ll keep an eye in your email communication with Support so I can post updates for the other users here in the Forum. Thank you!

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Hi @Vanessa_N , there was no option to click the team in the sidebar (it had completely disapeared), and therefore no option to view an overall calendar for all projects. However, as of yesterday it has been restored. Thanks for following up!

Thank you for the quick reply, @Christina_Papianou. Glad to hear it’s working fine for you now.

I’m closing this thread, but I’ll comment in the Tips & Tricks post about the same issue.

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