Project number

On our company as many others I know use project number as the main way to identify them.
This make it easier and shorter on each communication. The name is just a description.
Following this, I would like to see a project number that connects all the items in it.
Here is the problem now, if you go to calendar on the company team it is impossible to know from which project is the task unless you go in. Yes you have colors but is not enough. If you use a project number, this could be in from of the task and it would not take too much space on the text off the task and it will be a huge improvement. On the same direction if you have a sub-task it is worst to follow up, you can see it on the company calendar but you do not even see it on the calendar off the project. This is a must fix.

We were really surprised this wasn’t already a feature at the project level. It is common practice to have a project number. This can be used when exporting reports from Asana to tie information in other systems as well.