Projects and Reporting

One thing that has always confused me about Asana is the concept of Projects. While things are called “projects” and we can do some things to them like provide status updates (on track, etc), but I can’t actually create a report on projects. I’m confused why this is like this in Asana. Even the Advanced Search only searches tasks and conversations, but not Projects. I’m kind of at a loss on how I would report on our 30+ clients (we use teams for them), each having multiple projects in them.

It seems like Asana should be able to do these things:

  1. Close out a project (aka mark the project complete, in progress, cancelled, etc)
  2. Create reports based single teams, multiple teams, etc that only look at projects
  3. Create those same reports with filters for project status

Even if reporting on the project level was most limiting than reporting on the task level, it would still be extremely useful with a few simple filters:

  • Project status
  • Project owner
  • Number of open tasks
  • Number of completed tasks
  • Start and end date (the one in the status view)
  • Days to completion (which is just math based on the above range)

Just that would be awesome!

Some other possible features include:

  • Number of people involved (task assignments)
  • Custom field usage (like if we set a field to “deliverable” then we can do “number of deliverables”

Anyway, just wondering if I’m missing something, or if there’s a good reason not to report on projects.

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